Greeble maker

Example tesselated greebles on a torusThis plugin can automatically create patterns on polygonal (not NURBS) based geometry. It's useful to make random patterns on geometry.

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How much?

Not much - it's free.


  • Creates greebles on object faces. Allows you to 'draw' on the object's faces to create geometry.
  • Randomised greeble heights between two values
  • Filter selected faces, so that only faces with a certain number of sides are processed. Useful for not greebling triangular faces for example.
  • A tesselation option that causes the faces to be 'broken up'. This increases the randomness of the patterns.

Unimplemented stuff

  • UV coordinates get messed up. I'm trying to find a solution for this that makes the UV coordinates a bit nicer after tesselation.


To install the plugin, run the installation program and ensure that the plugin is placed somewhere under the tsx directory. The installer should find this folder by default.

Version Date trueSpace version Description
v1.1.1 ( 435K) 25 December 2007 5.x and 6.0 Fix recusive tesselation bug.
v1.1.1 ( 434K) 25 December 2007 4.3 Fix recusive tesselation bug.
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